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Wedding Videographer using drones!

Wedding videographer using drones!

It’s going to be HUGE! Camera drones are without doubt the next big trend to hit the wedding market and can really make your wedding video stand out. It’s a must have for any bride and groom hiring a videogrpaher. We already have camera sliders, glide-cams , and GOPro’s. But now I’m pleased to say we have a camera drone! Taking our wedding videos to the next level will be so much easier with this new toy.

The rules

Be careful to check your wedding videographer using drones that they have the necessary licence and insurances. Just to be clear- anybody using a drone for commercial work must have a license. And commercial work doesn’t necessarily mean you get paid. Even if no cash is changing hands your pilot could still be breaking the law. Unless they have a ‘Permission For Aerial Work’ from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). If not they will not be insured and will not have any public liability cover.

How high can you fly?

400ft is the maximum height we can legal fly for a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Above that and we are in plane and helicopter territory!

Can you fly if it rains?

Unfortunately we can’t. And we can’t fly in snow either. But we can fly in quite high winds. If there is a break in the bad weather we will take that opportunity.

Is it safe?

Safety is always our priority. When flying our drone we must adhere to rules and regulations set out by the CAA. These include high-vis vests. Flying notices, and safety equipment. We also have to keep a safe distance from people at all times.

How to we hire our wedding videographer using drones?

Just book your wedding in the usually way using our booking form and send us a deposit of £300. We will then carry out a site inspection and fill out all the necessary paperwork to gain permission to fly at your wedding. The remaining balance is due one month before your wedding.

Wedding Videographer using Drone

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