JOANNE & DAVID – STAMFORD WEDDING2017-03-11T06:49:11+00:00

Project Description

Joanne & Davids wedding in Stamford, Lincolnshire

Joanne & David are a lovely couple. Unusually I hadn’t met either of them before I started filming their Stamford wedding but actually it didn’t matter. In fact I  find it helps me film the day as it un-folds as if I were a guest myself. Ideally I don’t want to stand out anymore than any other guest. This makes me feel more welcome at intimate times and helps me get my mind into a storytelling viewpoint throughout the wedding. This way I notice more of the intricate objects and emotions mannerisms that I want to capture. To be honest it’s pretty obvious who are the bride and groom and as the day goes on you identify mums and dads etc too. I was pleasantly surprised to meet David and discover what a friendly and charming gentleman he was. And then to see the stunning and elegant Joanne arriving at the church was really special.

I’ve tried to create for them a very special film that I felt told the story of their wedding and reflected their personalities individually and as a couple. Calm, generous, understated grace. These are a very in love and loving couple.