• Alice & Jo Hilton Nothamptonshire

Project Description

Alice and Joe’s Northamptonshire Wedding

Alice and Joe are two lovely people and make a lovely couple. They held their Northamptonshire wedding at their local church and the wedding reception at the Hilton Hotel in Northamptonshire. As you can see the weather was not on our side. Except for the ten minutes directly after the ceremony which is when I took advantage of the opportunity. Using this break in the dark rain clouds to capture these beautiful photos of the newly married couple. In the vicarage grounds next door to the church. It just shows that wedding photography and wedding videography is not for the faint hearted. Actually its ‘ll about taking your opportunities when you get them.

Alice and Joe’s Northamptonshire wedding is a good example of how a professional can do this. Please don’t let your Uncle Bob or family friend to take your wedding photos. Or your wedding video for that matter. Please don’t let your colleague who’s a keen amateur take your wedding photos either.

Weddings are not for the inexperienced and even some experienced professional photographers struggle with weddings. If you want a pro who can handle whatever is thrown at him please give me a call.