Sarah & Max’s Merton College Wedding in Oxford

Merton College Wedding

Recommendations are a real moral booster. When couples contact me on the back of a previous couples experience I cant help but smile. This was the case with Sarah and Max and their Merton College Wedding. Many years previous I shot a wedding video for Emily and John at the same venue. Furthermore, Merton College is celebrating it’s 750 year anniversary this year and Sarah and Max are the 10th couple of ‘Mertonians’ to be married here this year alone. It seems that Merton College can be a very romantic place! It certainly had an effect on me. Interestingly I found myself dreaming about sending my children here. I even told my eldest how proud I would be if she managed to go to Oxford or Cambridge; she’s only six!

Our approach to wedding videos

Sarah and Max admitted to me that they were initially unsure about having a wedding videographer. They were concerned I would get in the way of the wedding photographer. Thankfully I managed to convince them it was not an issue, and they made a point of thanking me through-out the day for being so unobtrusive. I love it when I manage to dispel a couples fears about wedding videographers.

The Wedding video

Here is our latest merton college wedding video and we are very happy with the outcome. I filmed Sarah and Max’s wedding all by myself. I often do it this way these days as two videographers can be too much for smaller more intimate weddings. I have to work very hard to try and capture as many angles as possible. Hopefully you can see that one videographer and multiple cameras can still make for a great video.