Last Minute Weding Videos – 10 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer!

Why hire a Wedding Videographer

1. Don’t miss the unmissable.

As wedding videographers it is our job to capture as much of your day as possible. We will be capturing lots of your wedding that you or your spouse will miss. The most obvious moments will be each other getting ready for the ceremony. Other subtle moments you may not get to see will be guests arriving at church or your reception venue. Moreover, if you talk to married couples they will tell you that even the moments where you are present may all become a blur. Because there will be a lot happening all at once. A wedding video allows you to recall and replay every moment again and again.

3. Sound as well as sight.

One thing photographs cannot do is to capture you spouse reading their vows or your father giving his speech. A professional wedding videographer will capture these treasured moments for you. It’s not just these moments that mean so much but many more key moments throughout your day. A wedding video allows you to see and hear your friends and family having a great time.

4. Remembrance.

Many years from now, you and your family can relive your wedding day. There’s something very special about being able to see relatives in motion. Their mannerisms and smiling faces are especially powerful when views on the big screen. Having a wedding video allows your children and grand children to witness your wedding and other members of your family in a very emotive way. It is a time capsule to the past.

5. It isn’t expensive.

In comparison to wedding photography wedding video is great value for money. The amount of hours a wedding videographer requires to create your wedding video means it’s a worthwhile investment. If you consider that a wedding video will last forever whereas your flowers only last a day.

6. Because Uncle BOB can not do it.

You may think your uncle Bob can shoot your video but I assure you he can not. You will be hugely disappointed to discover your wedding video is an unwatchable shaky collection of sporadic and disjointed moments. I can’t reiterate this enough and have so many stories of brides wishing they had hired a professional. Don’t male the same mistake!

7. Your style, your wedding.

Like a wedding photographers, wedding videographers have different styles and approaches to weddings. I’d love to talk and work with you to deliver a product you are more than happy with. Whether you are looking for a vintage stop motion wedding video or a modern glide cam style shoot, I can accommodate your requests.

8. Professional videographers make you look great!

As a professional wedding videographer I can create stunning cinematic movies that will make you look like a celebrity on your wedding day. You may think that because you are hiring a photographer that you don’t need a wedding videographer but they are two very different creative processes.

9. Discreet is my middle name.

Many brides and grooms are concerned that a wedding videographer will be literally sticking the lens in your face the whole day. I certainly do not. In fact, I’ll never being doing that. Over the many years I’ve been videoing wedding I have developed a very discreet and natural way of working that reflects my photogrpahy style. Beware of videographers that stand 6 ft in front of you the whole day. It’s unbelievable bit I have seen it with my own eyes!

10. Have no Regrets

I hear it so many times at weddings and it is a terrible shame- “I saw my friends wedding video and I didn’t realise they could be so good. I wish we had a wedding video”. Enough said.