Rachel & Zak’s Wedding at Rudding Park

The Wedding at Rudding Park

Rachel and Zak are a lovely couple. Beautiful and handsome and clearly in love. The wedding day started wet and unfortunately it continued that way long into the evening reception where at last it finished with a lovely evening. Rachel and Zak started their day at Rudding Park in Harrogate, then a local church nearby for the ceremony, and then returning to Rudding Park again for the rest of the wedding. This was another wedding photography and videography job for my team and I and it was a long way from home so in every respect it was a big day for everyone.

Travelling to your wedding

Yorkshire is a long way from me here in Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire and so it was definitely a good idea to stay over in a hotel the night before Rachel & Zak’s Wedding at Rudding Park, rather than drive the two and a half hours very early in the morning. I do cover the whole of the UK with my team of photographers and videographers but if we have to make a considerable journey to the wedding venue we always stay over the night before and sometimes the night after as well. We have to charge a little extra for our accommodation and travel expenses of course but we keep our accommodation choices practical and affordable.

The A Team

We were providing both wedding photography and wedding videography for Rachel & Zak’s wedding at Rudding Park so I had John and Gabi heading up the video while I stayed on stills. We have worked together for many years now so it has become a slick operation and I know I can rely on these two to work hard and deliver the goods. It can be a concern for some couples whether the photographer and videographer are going to get on. We obviously don’t have that trouble but I have heard some horror stories. I have an interesting point of view because I cover both areas and hear the same complaints from both sides.

What keeps us going

Whilst preparing for your wedding with you I always request some kind of refreshment for myself and my team. Preferably something hot, especially in the winter, and water too. We shoot all day so a good time for us to eat is when you are eating too. If you are having your wedding speeches in between courses we may have to eat earlier or later. Lots of Coffee is a bonus and much appreciated too. And a slice of wedding cake for my two girls is a lovely way to say thank you!

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