Tia & Mark’s Wedding at Stapleford Park

The wedding

Tia and Marks wedding at Stapleford Park was a multiple venue wedding in that the wedding ceremony was held at a central Nottingham Church location which meant getting from Stapleford Park to said location and back again all in good time. Over the ten years I’ve been a wedding photographer I’ve often had to drive similar distances in and out of cities and from venue to venue when photographing or videoing a wedding and it’s my least favourite part of the job.  Trying to find the right location and a parking space close to the venues under immense time pressures does nothing for my stress levels and also has a detrimental effect on the photography. I’ve always said that for me getting to the right place on time is my biggest worry. I’ve had flat tires, traffic jams, and accidents, but because I always leave so early I’ve never been late. Not once in nearly 400 weddings!

Wedding planning

My wife thinks I’m nuts because I always leave plenty of time for everything we set out to do but that’s just the way I am. And I’m never late. Tia and Mark’s wedding was a totally different experience even though the distances where quite large in that all I had to do was jump on and off the coach with all the other guests. Mark and his best man even checked me off on the list to make sure I got from A to B. It was so much easier thank god. And it was a lovely air conditioned coach on what was a roasting hot day. I may have even dosed of on the way back. Just for a minute or two.