Stapleford Park Wedding

Mita & Ronan’s Stapleford Park Wedding was in many ways the type of wedding I just love to be involved with. I love my job, and I still love photographing and videoing every wedding I attend. Even after 10 years and over 400 weddings of experience. But what I loved in particular about Mita and Ronan’s Stapleford Park wedding was the opportunity to provide both wedding photography and wedding videography services. Something we do a lot at Stapleford Park weddings. Moreover it was a winter wedding too. Winter weddings, especially leading up to Christams time are very special. Winter weddings do have some drawbacks for me not least because there are very few hours of good daylight. However, there are some advantage too. In particular I’m thinking about those barmy weddings in the summer where I’m struggling with the heat in my 3 piece suit. On many accessions I’ve gotten though both my spare shirts. Couples probably do not agree but I’d defiantly prefer a cold day in winter to a scorcher in the summer every time.

Photo and Video packages

It’s taken me many years to put together a small group of trusted colleges to help me provide my photo and video packages to couples. I just love working together with my colleagues. It’s an honour to be solely responsible for all the visual memories from their most important of days. As I’ve said many times before, Stapleford Park is one of my favourite wedding venues. Because it has everything a photographer air videographer needs. So if you are planning on a Stapleford Park wedding here please give me a call.  And let me tell you why I love this place so much.