Licensed Independant Music


Wedding Video Music

When it comes to editing your wedding movie we need to be clear on what is and is not allowed regarding copyright of any music we use. We like to let you the happy couple select your favourite tracks to accompany your wedding video. And as long as we can download a digital copy of your selection and we also have a ‘Limited Manufacturers Licence, please see below), we can go ahead and beginning creating your epic wedding video. However, the Limited Manufacturers Licence does not allow us/you to show your wedding video publicly. Which is why you really shouldn’t share your wedding movie or highlights on social media sites such as Facebook.

Licensed Independant Music

Thankfully there is a way to legally share your wedding video online and that is to purchase Licensed Independent Music. We work with Music Bed which is a full service licensing platform. They provide a highly curated selection of songs to filmmakers for use in media projects. They’re all about making quality music easily accessible. By using music bed within your wedding video it allows you to share your wedding video without restrictions. We can edit your wedding highlights or wedding trailer to Licensed Independant Music making your wedding video completely unique.

Limited Manufacture licence

A quick, affordable and grants you ‘blanket’ permission to legally use any music in your own DVDs, CDs or videos (and other formats).

  • The copyright in the musical work (MCPS)
  • The copyright in the sound recording (PPL)

Private and domestic use (Includes professional wedding videographers and funeral service above). Recordings of private events such as: weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, family holidays and funerals, which are sold or given away to family and friends associated with that event or Recordings made for playing at private events such as: weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, family holidays and funerals or copies of existing films or recordings transferred from video (e.g. VHS) or audio (e.g. CD) formats to other physical formats (e.g. DVD-Video) solely for private and domestic use by the owner of the original version, their friends or family.

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