Last Minute Weding Videos – 10 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer!

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Why hire a Wedding Videographer 1. Don't miss the unmissable. As wedding videographers it is our job to capture as much of your day as possible. We will be capturing lots of your wedding that you or your spouse will miss. The most obvious moments will be each other getting ready for the ceremony. Other subtle moments [...]

Wedding Videos On YouTube

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Wedding Videos On YouTube To watch our videos on our YouTube channel please click here -  I have been filming weddings for over 10 years and shave a large portfolio of videos for you to view on YouTube. Not all my videos are on YouTube but you will see a good representation on there. With many different styles [...]

Wedding Videography in Peterborough

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Peterborough Wedding Venues Having started my business as a professional wedding photographer in Peterborough in 2004 I naturally got to know the area and the wedding venues very well.  It's always a pleasure to return here to venues such as the Orton Hall Hotel where I shot my very first weddings. It's certainly an advantage [...]

Stamford Wedding Videographer

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Stamford Wedding Videographer I have been filming and photographing weddings in the Stamford area since 2004. As you'd except I have worked at every wedding venue in Stamford more than once. So you could say without any doubt that I am a very experienced Stamford wedding videographer. Which means I can capture your wedding in a calm and [...]

Mita & Ronan’s Stapleford Park Wedding – Video & Photos

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Stapleford Park Wedding Mita & Ronan's Stapleford Park Wedding was in many ways the type of wedding I just love to be involved with. I love my job, and I still love photographing and videoing every wedding I attend. Even after 10 years and over 400 weddings of experience. But what I loved in particular about Mita [...]

Wedding Testimonials and Comments – Portia & Dan

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Portia & Dan held their wedding at Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire. Here's the message they sent me shortly after receiving their wedding video: Hello Received the DVD today thank you so much I could not be happier with it. Dan and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything on the day you were [...]

Natalie & Oliver’s Wedding Video at Stapleford Park

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Wedding Video at Stapleford Park There's no doubt that Natalie & Oliver are a good looking couple. In fact, they are very much in love too. These two factors make it very easy for us to create a beautiful wedding video that tells the story of their wedding day. I love creating wedding videos anyway. And [...]

Cordelia & Jasons Wedding at Barnsdale Hall, Rutland.

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Cordelia & Jasons Wedding at Barnsdale Hall One thing that was immediately apparent when I arrived at Barnsdale Hall was that we were in for a fun day. Jason was not the slightest bit nervous and making a joke of everything. Jason's whole family were the same and they were genuinely very funny. In contrast Cordelia was [...]