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Sarah & Max’s Oxford Wedding at Merton College

It’s interesting how some wedding venues become regulars and some just don’t. Locality has something to do with it. On the other hand it’s also quite common for me to travel to distant wedding venues on a regular basis. Merton College in Oxfordshire is one such venue. It’s my most popular Oxford wedding venue by far. I guess Mertonians are quite rare and so recommendations must play a big part in this. Needless to say I am very happy to keep coming back to this stunning college every year.

Our first Oxford wedding here was in 2010 for a lovely couple who I have since met at other Merton College weddings. It was one of our first ever wedding videos and judging by the referrals we’ve been getting it was obviously a great success. While I’m at it I just want to mention that Corpus Christi College in Cambridge is also a regular wedding venue we visit almost every year. Both are incredible wedding venues and a real treat for me to work at.

Are you planning a merton college Oxford wedding? Or maybe a Corpus Christe Wedding? I would love the opportunity to video your Oxbridge wedding so please don’t delay and get in contact.

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