Project Description

Richard & Siobhan’s Jersey Wedding

Richard & Siobhan’s Jersey Wedding was a very memorable wedding for me. It was my first International wedding. Not only that but also because Richard and Siobhan were such a lovely couple. They were perfectly welcoming the whole weekend. They really looked after me while I visited Jersey and they showed my all the best sights.

It was a beautiful sunny weekend when I arrived in Jersey and I got to see a lot of the island while visiting the different wedding locations. Unfortunately I know I could’t make a long weekend of it as I had to get back to another wedding in the UK. However, it was a very exciting few days spent in this beautiful part of the UK and one I hope I can return to very soon.

Overall, the stand out moment from this Jersey Wedding was taking the happy couple to Corbiere. It’s a beautiful look-out point and photographing the newly married couple here was essential. No Jersey wedding would be complete with out it.

I hear that good wedding photographers and videographers are quite thin on the ground in Jersey. If you are struggling to find somebody you like please get in contact. Be aware that International weddings require a little extra planning and additional travel expenses but I am more than happy to help you with that.