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Getting married between October and March 2017-2018? Let me help you with your wedding budget and help you remember your wedding at it's very best. By capturing your wedding day with one of my discounted wedding photography or wedding videography packages you get much more than just a great saving. I have lots of [...]

Joanne & Davids Wedding – Collyweston & The William Cecil Stamford

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Wedding Movie Downloads & Streaming

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Wedding Movie Downloads 2017 is the year we finally threw out the old and brought in the new with our private wedding movie pages. You can now watch and download your wedding movie and wedding highlights from your very own secure movie page. We offer a number of different download sizes to fit your phone, laptop, [...]

Licensed Independant Music

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  Wedding Video Music When it comes to editing your wedding movie we need to be clear on what is and is not allowed regarding copyright of any music we use. We like to let you the happy couple select your favourite tracks to accompany your wedding video. And as long as we can download a digital [...]

Drone Wedding Photography Costs

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Hiring a drone Hiring a drone wedding photographer or videographer for your wedding is rising in popularity. That's no surprise as drones can capture breathtaking shots of your most anticipated day. We can supply a drone and pilot to capture your day. However, it’s not as straight-forward as just checking availability. Here’s a quick guide [...]

Wedding Videographer using drones!

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Wedding videographer using drones! It's going to be HUGE! Camera drones are without doubt the next big trend to hit the wedding market and can really make your wedding video stand out. It's a must have for any bride and groom hiring a videogrpaher. We already have camera sliders, glide-cams , and GOPro's. But now I'm pleased to [...]

Wedding Photographers Assistant Needed

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The role I am looking for a Wedding Photographers Assistant to help me photograph weddings throughout 2017 and onwards. Ideally you would be a car driver, have your own equipment, some experience would be great but not entirely necessary as you can improve with every wedding. I would expect you to know your way around [...]

Wedding Videography Packages 2017

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Our New Wedding Videography Packages:- I offer a wide range of wedding videography packages to cover every wedding budget. Prices start with our Highlights Video Package at just £850. It's a new addition to our wedding videography packages this year and its perfect for civil ceremonies and smaller weddings. It's also a fun and fast moving wedding [...]

Award Winning Wedding Photography

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Award Winning Wedding Photography I'm usually a very humble guy. However, as I've won a few awards over the years I should really shout about it! If nothing else it makes good business sense right! So here goes - I am an Award Winning Wedding Photographer. Actually, I've been very lucky because I honestly don't [...]

Wedding Videographer in Peterborough

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Wedding Videographer in Peterborough I am a well established and experienced wedding videographer in Peterborough. I don't mean to boast but I'm also a well established and experienced wedding photographer too. Based near Peterborough and serving the surrounding area I provide both wedding services. I've been creating beautiful and creative wedding videos since 2010 and Photographing weddings in [...]