South farm weddings

South Farm is becoming a very popular wedding venue and its obvious why. With so much different spaces to offer couples and wedding photographers it’s no surprise that is booked up for years. We’ve been here twice in the last few months and hope to be back many more times in the future. Jasper & Jo’s South Farm wedding was a very straight forward event with just the one location. Reassuringly we also had South Farms wedding planner keeping everything on track.

Jasper & Jo

These two are a very interesting couple.  Jo is a ballet dancer and Jasper a military man. It was clear to see they were a good match. I particularly loved the fact they were both so relaxed and easy to go with the flow of the day. I guess they are both used to pressure. The calm atmosphere really helps me to get the shots I need. I could tell straight away that this was going to be a memorable south farm wedding.


My personal highlights from Jasper & Jo’s wedding was seeing my old friend Steve Bean after such a long time. Steve is an excellent classical guitarist and I’d recommend him to everyone getting married. You can listen to his work here.

I also received some great comments form Jasper & Jo’s parents who asked if I know the couple personally? That’s probably the greatest compliment I could wish for. I was really pleased with the off-camera photos taken during the very end of the sunset. It took me a while to get Jasper & Jo away from their guests but we just caught the last of the light. I also had just 10 minutes to set these up before the first dance so once agin it was a case of getting a lot done in a small amount of time. I hope you enjoy viewing Jasper & Jo’s photos and if you require a wedding photographer to cover your South Farm wedding please get in contact.