Cordelia & Jasons Wedding at Barnsdale Hall, Rutland.

Cordelia & Jasons Wedding at Barnsdale Hall

One thing that was immediately apparent when I arrived at Barnsdale Hall was that we were in for a fun day. Jason was not the slightest bit nervous and making a joke of everything. Jason’s whole family were the same and they were genuinely very funny. In contrast Cordelia was quiet, calm, smiley, and obviously looking forward to a significant day in her life. I could see that she was very happy to be marrying Jason. I was later to find out that they were childhood sweethearts and after 17 years apart they found each other again and restarted where they left off. As the wedding day went on it became obvious to us that they were meant for each other.

Rain again!

I seem to be lucky with the weather in that every time we get a miserably dark and rainy days like this it stops at the right moment. Except for when it was time for the formal groups. I happily left the group photos to the photographer to worry about. And worry about them he did! So many photographers think they can switch to wedding photography. The reality is it’s not for everybody and the stress of the day is probably the biggest issue for most. All those amateurs/semi pro’s who think it’s easy money are very wrong.

The wedding venue

Fortunately Barnsdale Hall is one of those venues where you can work well inside as well as out. It’s just a bit tricky getting from the Hotel to the Edith Weston Suite and back. Suffice to say Cordelia and Jason had a great day as you’d expect and also as predicted there was a lot of laughter and a few happy tears. Both Cordelia and Jason have children from previous relationships and it was very touching to see that both sides were now one big loving family. We wish them all the best for the future.

The evening reception

Cordelia & Jason had a great wedding at Barnsdale Hall. We especially enjoyed the evening reception with a duet by two very talented guests who sang Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ which we will use as a feature of the wedding film and also the first dance was visually stunning due to the amazing light show created by my good friend and professional DJ Rob Giddings at Strobe Disco. Rob is  a regular I’ve got to know over the years and as soon as I realise he’s working on a wedding I know we are in for a good night.

If you are planning your wedding at Barnsdale Hall and would like a professional wedding photographer or wedding videographer to capture it for you please get in contact.